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Third Grade Enjoys a Visit From Dr. Stevens and Service Dog, Reese

Every year in reading class, the 3rd graders read a story called, “The Spelling Window.” This story is about a deaf child named Seth who goes on a field trip with his neighbors and a group of their classmates to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to visit the capitol building. The storyteller learns how to be kind and accept Seth instead of being embarrassed or ignoring him like she was at the beginning of the story. The students enjoy learning how to do some “basic” sign language as well as how to treat others who have special needs. Also, the next story is an information article about technology that helps people with special needs, especially those who are deaf.
Dr. Jennifer Stevens, mother of Will in 3rd Grade, came to the class and  enhanced their study of these topics.  She taught the students how to sign, “Hello, my name is _____.”  She also demonstrated how her service dog, Reese, helps her assist some of her patients who have special needs or are just anxious of being in her optometry office.