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A Mysterious Middle School Fall Social


A very “mystery-ous” event occurred recently in our school gymnasium. Masked middle schoolers met for an evening of mystery at the second annual Middle School Fall Social, Masquerade Mystery.

The evening began with photos in formal attire, masked and unmasked—and even make-it-yourself masks. Dinner guests enjoyed a variety of sandwich breads, meats, and cheeses, buffet-style, to assemble sandwiches. Chips, fruits, and veggies  were served with all the favorite dips. Cupcakes decorated the tables and pie was offered for dessert. 

Middle schoolers formed teams to solve the mystery of The Bloodwood Masquerade Murder. After a series of investigative questioning and the process of elimination, teams guessed who may have committed the crime of murder. The evening concluded with each middle school investigator choosing a favorite gift card from the gift card wall. Congratulations on a mystery well-solved!