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Academic Profile

CEEB/ACT/SAT Code: 490212

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Accreditation & Memberships

Academic Year

2 semesters; 181-182 academic days per year; students attend eight 45-minute class periods each day.

Faculty and Staff

CLCS has an experienced, well trained, and caring faculty and staff. Many hold master’s degrees and some hold doctorate degrees. The average tenure of our faculty and staff is 15+ years. The average student/teacher ratio for elementary is 1:12, for middle school 1:15, and for high school 1:15. Faculty are trained and educated in the field in which they teach.

Student Activities

Our focus is education from a Biblical worldview, and our goal is to produce a well-developed, well-rounded student with sound Biblical principles to guide them as they contribute to society and in their personal life. Nearly 100% of CLCS students participate in fine arts, athletics, service organizations or a combination of each.


Activities and Organizations:

Student Council comprised of:

Where Do Our Graduates Attend College/University?

Students from CLCS have been accepted to: Air Force Academy, Appalachian Bible College, Asbury College, Bob Jones University, Belmont-Abby, Carnegie-Mellon, Cedarville University, The Citadel, Clearwater Christian College, Clemson, College of Charleston SC, Concord College, Dartmouth, Duke, Florida Institute of Technology, George Mason University, Geneva, Glenville State College,  Harvard, La Sierra University, Liberty University, Marshall University, Notre Dame, Ohio State, UNC – Chapel Hill, Pensacola Christian College, Savannah College of Art and Design, University of Charleston,  University of North Texas at Dallas, Villanova, Western Carolina University, West Virginia University Institute of Technology, West Virginia University, Wake Forest, WV Wesleyan and many more great institutions.

Proposed WVSU/Marshall University Dual Credit Classes

CLCS offers dual credit through cooperation with West Virginia State University and other universities. Beginning in the 9th grade year, students may take up to 3 college credit hours per semester. CLCS’ senior English is fully credited through WVSU. By the time a student graduates from high school they have been afforded the opportunity to gain up to 24 college credits.

Academic Assessment

Iowa Achievement Test Results

Grades K5 – 12th grade take standardized exams to assess learning. CLCS scores are consistently in the top 90 percentile in all subjects from grades K5 – 12. CLCS classes average 2.4 years above each respective grade level.

ACT Scores - Class of 2020

Class Rank and GPAs

Cross Lanes Christian School ranks its students based on a weighted GPA. All students follow a college preparatory curriculum. All courses are included in the computation of the GPA. Students must earn 28 credits to graduate from Cross Lanes Christian School. Credits will include the following required elements: Science (4 years), History (4 years), Math (4 years), English (4 years), Foreign Language (2 years); Speech (1 year),  PE/Health (1 year), Fine Arts (1 year), Electives (2 years), Bible (1 for each year at CLCS).