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How to Apply for Enrollment:

Staff at CLCS view education primarily as a task of edification. In other words, the school exists to aid students who are committed to the Lord as they develop spiritually and academically. The following guidelines are used by the Admissions Committee:

  • At least one of the parents or guardians must be saved and must live a life that shows a commitment to Jesus Christ and must express commitment of support to the school.
  • A student twelve or older must profess to be born again and live a life that demonstrates a commitment to the Lord.
  • A student twelve or older must desire to attend CLCS and abide by the spiritual, academic, and behavioral standards of the school.

Enrollment Checklist for Official Acceptance at Cross Lanes Christian School:

Enrollment Checklist

Enrollment Application Forms

Student Recruitment Incentive

 CLCS offers a recruitment incentive for our school families who recruit new students. The school family and the recruited family each benefit from this incentive! Both families will receive $100 credited to their account as long as all the stipulations are met. 

We also offer an alumni/graduating senior incentive. If the family of a graduating senior (without current siblings in the school) recruits a family and that family enrolls and starts school in the fall, CLCS will send the Alumni family $100. 

CLCS Financial Assistance Policy

CLCS offers a limited number of financial assistance opportunities in extreme circumstances. The School Board has established procedures and policies for applying for financial assistance as outlined in our Financial Assistance Policy. Please use the Financial Assistance Worksheet to determine your eligibility before submitting a Financial Assistance Application.

Ask about tuition discounts available for first responders, those in ministries and those in the military.

A Word on Dress Code

At Cross Lanes Christian School (CLCS), we believe uniform school dress has a significant effect on our students’ attitudes and the atmosphere in our classrooms. The CLCS School Board establishes uniform and personal appearance standards which administrators, faculty, and staff members enforce. 
Approved uniform apparel for kindergarten students through twelfth grade is available online by entering our school code on the following websites: 

We have gently-used, donated clothing available on campus. Items are organized and sorted by size for you to take whatever you can use at no cost.