Admission Guidelines

Staff at CLCS view education primarily as a task of edification. In other words, the school exists to aid students who are committed to the Lord as they develop spiritually and academically. The following guidelines are used by the Admissions Committee:

  • At least one of the parents or guardians must be saved and must live a life that shows a commitment to Jesus Christ and must express commitment of support to the school.
  • A student twelve or older must profess to be born again and live a life that demonstrates a commitment to the Lord.
  • A student twelve or older must desire to attend CLCS and abide by the spiritual, academic, and behavioral standards of the school.

How to apply for enrollment:

The following items are required for enrollment:

  • Submit completed and signed enrollment papers along with the application fee.
  • Most current school transcripts and report card
  • Standardized testing results and any special education documentation
  • Students entering 10th thru 12th Grades provide a copy of a report card from each high school year
  • Original copy of birth certificate from Vital Statistics
  • An up to date immunization record
  • A completed placement test; if required, an appointment will be scheduled for the testing.
  • Once enrollment papers received and administrative approval given, the enrollment fee can be paid.
  • The student is then officially accepted at Cross Lanes Christian School.

CLCS Information Packet

Enrollment Application Forms

 CLCS Financial Assistance Policy

Standardized Dress 

CLCS School Dress Code

Athletic Transfer Student Guidelines

Directions to Cross Lanes Christian School

Traveling East toward Charlesotn, WV
If traveling EAST on I-64, take 47B Cross Lanes exit.  After going over interstate overpass proceed straight ahead through stop light (Route 622)…..

Traveling West of Charleston, WV
If traveling WEST on I-64, take Cross Lanes Exit, turn right at stop light at end of exit on to Route 622…..

Go approximately 1 mile to a red light at main intersection in Cross Lanes.  Proceed straight ahead (Route 622) for approximately 1 1/2 miles (go thru stop light at Krogers & McDonalds).  You will see Mama Rosa Market on your left and immediately after Mama Rosa’s you will see Koontz Drive, also on your left.  Turn left onto Koontz, go approximately 1/4 mile.  You will then come to Floradale Drive on your left (a sign for Cross Lanes Christian School is located here).  Turn left onto Floradale Drive.  At the end of Floradale Drive is the Cross Lanes Christian School campus.