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Making Masterpieces –
One Mess At A Time

Elementary Art

Elementary art students have art class each week and complete a variety of art projects. 

Middle School Art

Middle schoolers have art class every day all three years of middle school. They explore a variety of media and techniques to build a good foundation for progression through their art classes at CLCS. They learn painting, pen and ink techniques, and other skills which prepare them for high school art classes.

High School Art

High school students continue to apply skills acquired in middle school and to advance their knowledge of techniques, materials, and artistic design in a wide variety of applications. They learn about designing, building, and painting with watercolor and acrylic and complete various multimedia projects.

We offer three consecutive high school art classes to advance the techniques students have learned and to further develop the high schooler’s art skills:

  • High School Art 1
  • High School Art 2
  • Introduction to Design