Why Choose CLCS?

Staff at CLCS view education primarily as a task of edification. In other words, the school exists to aid students who are committed to the Lord as they develop spiritually and academically.

Cross Lanes Christian School has a long history of providing a quality education for over 40 years.

Average test scores in Chemistry, Math, and History exceed public school averages.

Our Goals:

  • To teach every student enrolled an understanding of God, the priority that should be accorded His Word, and the responsibility that every person has to Him as Creator and Redeemer.
  • To enable each student enrolled to develop both natural and spiritual gifts and talents with the understanding that the highest goal of mankind is to use these gifts and talents to worship and to glorify God.
  • To develop within each child a level of basic skills achievement that will support successful functioning as a citizen of the Kingdom of God and successful functioning as a citizen of this nation.
  • To provide both curricular and instructional systems that will enable any student to achieve at levels that will prepare him/her to enter the next level of education chosen, whatever the academic rigor demanded.
    • To utilize oral and written English effectively in various communication situations.
    • To understand fundamental math concepts and processes, as well as practical applications.
    • To understand and accept their responsibilities as citizens and participate in responsible government.
    • To explore the major social and technological issues and advancements that face this nation.
    • To investigate career, educational and ministry opportunities appropriate to individual abilities and interests.
    • To understand the importance of maintaining physical and emotional well-being.
    • To develop decision-making, planning and resource management skills needed for sound judgments and personal problem-solving.
  • To leave each student enrolled with a strong sense of “right and wrong”, to make the student aware of the spiritual blessing that comes from doing right, and to warn each student of the many wrongs that now characterize our culture and the negative consequences to be borne by those who choose those wrongs.