Educator in the Spotlight for July 16-31

Mrs. Christy Dietz

Mrs. Christy Dietz has just completed her first year teaching music at Cross Lanes Christian School. She and her husband, Dr. Paul Dietz, have one daughter, Hannah, a sophomore at CLCS. At CLCS she teaches Elementary music, Middle and High School choirs.

Dr. and Mrs. Dietz are members of The Bible Center Church of Charleston where Matt Friend is the Pastor. She is the director of the 9 a.m. worship Service.  She has been teaching music for 6 years. Her previous teaching experience was in Greenbrier County schools, Congaree, and Wood Elementary schools. Mrs. Dietz is a graduate from Radford University with a Bachelor of Music degree.

Mrs. Dietz was saved at the age of six. She testifies that she was listening to the message being preached, when the altar call was given she responded to the Spirit’s tug on her heart and was saved from her sins. Her favorite verse is found in Psalm 100:142 “Shout for joy all the earth. Worship the Lord with gladness, come before Him with joyful things.”

Mrs. Dietz is a joy to be around. She is so full of life, energy, enthusiasm, and creativity. Recently during the self-quarantine stage of the pandemic, her humor and creative juices were on overload.  She entertained us with postings on Facebook with her version of some popular songs: “Livin LaVida Rona” (to the tune of Living La Vida Loca), “C-L-C-S” (to the tune of YMCA), “Stayin Inside” (to the tune of Stayin Alive), “In Quarantine” (to the tune of Under the Sea), and “Don’t Stop Believin.” You can still access them through her Facebook page. They are hilarious.  In 2015 she won the Chick-fila Idol singing contest and received free chicken for a year. She also played Aretha Franklin twice in the Carnival Legends Show on two separate cruises.

Her hobbies include: music (Of course), basketball, Star Trek, hunting, fishing, and spending time with her family.

When asked “why do you love teaching?” She says, “I love teaching because I get to share my passion and love for music with my students. Music is a universal language that can heal the soul when nothing else does. Teaching at CLCS is a double bonus, because I also get to share my faith and to encourage my students to grow in their faith and lift up the name of Jesus in school.” Some of life’s greatest blessings have been when her students have shared their experiences and successes. She remembers when a first grader excitingly ran up to her one morning to tell her about getting baptized or the look on student’s faces when they finally master a difficult piece of music.

Congratulations on being selected as the Teacher in the Spotlight.