To view the CLCS Re-opening plan for 2020-2021 click on this link (the link is also posted on Sycamore Education):

CLCS Re-Opening Plan – July 2020

We have been working very hard to plan for the opening of CLCS this fall. Please see the attached Re-entry plan. Many details are still being worked out. The COVID-19 Task Force has met throughout the summer to consider protocols and procedures to best provide a safe and health environment for our students and staff. Please remember that everything that has been considered is part of a “Living Document” that may change due to CDC or local Health Department mandates. The Task Force Document will be posted on our website this week. It is in its final revision stage. Until then, this plan will give each of you an idea of our options, and preparation.

Let me simply thank you for your patience. I know other schools have posted videos and things about re-opening. We have been trying to prepare for every possible scenario and that has taken some time. I personally am very impressed with the sacrifice of time and energy from our Task Force. I do not believe that any other school has had the level of expertise that our committee has. 21 individuals, 11 medical professionals (6 doctors, 5 nurses) and 10 educational professionals (8 from CLCS, 1 public school principal, and 1 member of the WV Dept. of Education). All have a vested interest in CLCS and take this responsibility seriously. Pray for them and when you cross their paths, thank them for their time and input to make CLCS a safe place for Christian Education.

Medical professionals: (11 = 6 DOCTORS & 5 NURSES)

  • Ryan Fitzwater, DO (Urology, Chairman of CLCS COVID-19 Re-entry Task Force)
  • Mitri Ghareeb, DDS; Fellowship of the Academy of General Dentistry; (Dentist);
  • Samia Turner, MD (Family Medicine)
  • Cindy Massey, MD (Neonatologist)
  • Paul Legg, MD (Orthopedic surgeon)
  • Matt Walker, MD (Orthopedic spine surgeon);
  • Theresa Argento, RN (Cardiac and Wound Ostomy)
  • Anita Jones, RN (Oncology/Neurology)
  • Sara Huff, RN (Oncology)
  • Vickie Klennert, RN (Health Department)
  • Anji Null, MS (psychologist)

Education professionals: (12 = 1 DOCTOR; 6 MASTERS; 3 BACHELORS; 2 ASSOCIATES)


  • Eddie Riley, MEd (Educational Administration, CLCS Administrator),
  • Dave Buckley, DD (Divinity, Pastor Cross Lanes Bible Church)
  • Pastor Mark Boyd, BS, CPA, (Finance & Accounting, CLCS CFO)
  • Cheryl Boyd, (Church Administration, Bright Beginnings Pre-school Director)
  • Crystal Reynolds, MEd (Elem. Ed. CLCS Kindergarten teacher),
  • Libby Shamblin, BS, (Chemistry, CLCS Elementary Supervisor)
  • John Koster, MDiv, (Divinity, CLCS Middle School Supervisor & Transportation Director)
  • Austin Davis, BA, (Education, CLCS High School, Dean of Students)
  • Michael Cumberledge, MS, (Science, CLCS High School)
  • Erin Ballard, MEd (Education, Public School Principal),
  • Milissa Riley, AAS (Office management, CLCS office/clerk),
  • Jon Duffy, MA, (Counselling, Director of Counseling & Testing DOE. Kanawha County Schools)


  1. DR RYAN FITZWATER-         
  2. PAUL LEGG                     
  3. SAMIA TURNER            
  4. ANITA JONES              
  5. MATT WALKER              
  6. ERIN BALLARD           
  7. SARAH HUFF              
  11. CINDY MASSEY              
  12. DAVE BUCKLEY              
  13. MITRI GHAREEB             
  14. JON DUFFY                    
  15. JOHN KOSTER               
  17. AUSTIN DAVIS              
  18. MILISSA RILEY            
  19. ANJI NULL-                  
  21. MARK BOYD                 
  22. CHERYL BOYD              
  23. EDDIE RILEY