The COVID-19 task force has been formed. I am pleased to announce that Dr. Ryan Fitzwater has agreed to chair that committee. The group is comprised of medical professionals and educators. The group is made up of the following members:

    • Medical professionals: Dr. Mitri Ghareeb, DDS; Dr. Samia Turner, MD;  Dr. Cindy Massey, Neonatologist;  Dr. Paul Legg, Orthopedic surgeon; Dr. Matt Walker, Orthopedic spine surgeon;  Mrs. Theresa Argento, cardiac and wound ostomy nurse, Mrs. Anita Jones, oncology/neurology nurse; and Mrs. Sara Huff,  oncology nurse, Mrs. Anji Null, psychologist.
    • Education professionals: Mr. Eddie Riley (Administrator), Dr. Dave Buckley (Pastor), Mrs. Crystal Reynolds (Kindergarten), Mrs. Libby Shamblin (elementary supervisor), Mr. John Koster (middle school supervisor), Mr. Austin Davis (Dean of Students), Mr. Michael Cumberledge (High School), Mrs. Erin Ballard (public school principal), Mrs. Milissa Riley (office/clerk).

Our first meeting is this Thursday, June 11, 2020. Be in much prayer for wisdom and discernment