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A dual credit program offers courses that are college courses taken in high school where credit is earned simultaneously for both high school and college.

  • Transfer of credits to the college/university of your choice
  • Reduce time in college
  • Reduce college tuition costs

NOTE: If classes taken as suggested each year a student can graduate CLCS with 24 college credit hours from the first college in West Virginia to earn accreditation from the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) – West Virginia State University. All dual credit courses are offered directly through WVSU and CLCS students will be enrolled in WVSU for those classes.

Proposed WVSU Dual Credit Classes 2019/2020 School Year

Senior English Fall = English 101 Senior English Spring = English 102

Art Elective = Art 100 (Art Appreciation)

Music Elective = Mus 107 (Music Appreciation)

Spanish Elective = Span 101 (Beginning Spanish)

Chemistry Elective = Chem 100 (Consumer Chemistry)

Biology Elective = Bio 108 (Environmental Biology)

Health Elective = HHP/157 (Healthy Living)

Business Elective = BA/312 (Personal Finance)

Speech Communication = COMM 100

General Psychology = PSYCH 151

Intro to Sociology = Sociology 101

Intro to Criminal Justice = CJ/101

History 207 (US History 1500-1865) or History 208 (US History 1865 – current)

Music 107

SENIORS: (6 credits in fall and 6 credits in spring)

JUNIORS (3 Credits in fall and 3 Credits in spring)

SOPHMORES: (3 Credits in fall and 3 Credits in spring)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • West Virginia State University is a fully accredited university and accredited through the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP)
  • Because of their accreditation, the courses are generally accepted by other universities (both public and private)
  • Acceptance of credits is always at the discretion of the receiving institution, so CLCS, nor WVSU can guarantee that credits will transfer.
  • If you know which university you are going to attend post high school it is recommended that you contact that institution to determine their policy on accepting dual credit courses.
  • Yes. Courses offered through our official dual credit program will be awarded high school credit
  • It will be the administration’s discretion on replacement of current CLCS classes with a dual credit course
  • The intention of the program is to offer additional electives in addition to CLCS direct taught courses, not as a replacement for teacher taught classes at CLCS.
  • High school credit is awarded on a class by class basis and administration approval
  • College credit is determined by WVSU and the credits offered by each class
  • Students must be enrolled in CLCS and in good academic standing without academic probation
  • Students must have a cumulative 2.75 GPA at CLCS with no “F”s
  • GPA will be evaluated on a semester by semester basis
  • Students must be tuition paying students and enrolled in teacher taught classes as well. The dual credit program at CLCS is an adjunct to the standard, honors, and AP curriculum that has been tested and proven to produce high academic results in the graduates of CLCS.
  • Daily attendance at CLCS is required and class time will be offered in specific classrooms for coursework on dual credit courses
  • Students should not enroll in the dual credit program unless they are fully committed to seeing the classes to completion.
  • WVSU does not look fondly upon our students dropping their classes
  • Limited class spots are available and dropping a class uses up a spot that other serious students could have participated.
  • WVSU has strict add/drop deadlines for each college class and that will be determined by the university.
  • If a CLCS student drops the class and then wishes to enter a teacher taught class at CLCS, it will not be permitted after the first 3 weeks of each semester.
  • Each eligible sophomore or junior at CLCS may take one college course per semester.
  • Each senior at CLCS may take up to two college courses per semester
  • If this formula is followed all three years at CLCS, students will be able to earn 24 college credit hours when they graduate from CLCS
  • Additional summer credits may be available, but special permission must be granted by the administration and WVSU
  • Any additional credits over 24 must be approved by the administration
  • Each credit hour from WVSU is $25.00 and billed directly from and paid directly to WVSU
  • Dual credit courses offered through this partnership with WVSU will be included in the computation of the individual GPA
  • These dual credit courses will not be weighted
  • The grade earned on the WVSU transcript will be entered as the official CLCS grade and used for GPA calculation
  • CLCS will provide access to it’s computer labs and library during designated class periods
  • To ensure unobstructed access to a computer it is recommended that each student that has their own laptop or device bring it with them to school to use during this time.
  • The CLCS secure wireless academic network will be available for the student’s personal device
  • WVSU is developing a portal of entry on the web for student’s to log into and enroll. Until that time, paper applications will be given to each CLCS student to complete at the scheduling appointment with the CLCS Administrator prior to the start of the fall semester at CLCS
  • Enrollment will be completed by the WVSU representative from the information put on the paper application form
  • Class spots will be on a first come basis as classes fill up – our students are enrolled in these classes along with WVSU college students and classes have a limited size

Student Application

    Student Information

    You are requested to provide the following information so that West Virginia State University can provide statutorily mandated reports on its diversity efforts.

    Registration Checklist

    I have read and agree to the information above. I understand that I will be billed directly from WVSU and dual credit courses are directly taken from WVSU and not CLCS. I understand that upon administration approval I (my student) will be enrolled in a college class at WVSU. I also understand that CLCS is not responsible and does not endorse all content from courses taken at WVSU. Courses are taken at the will of the student and the family and it is understood that material covered in said courses is determined by WVSU and not CLCS.

    By placing your name in the signature line below, you are agreeing with/confirming the information in this application