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Fifth Grade Concludes Study of Countries with “International Day” Celebration

Fifth Grade with Mrs. Hanna

Fifth grade concludes study of countries with "international Day" celebration

Lunchtime looked a little different for the fifth grade class recently when they completed their country project by preparing and sharing foods typically served in their country. Each student had researched and written a report about their assigned country and presented a slide show to the class. Some of the delicious delicacies were:

France-croissants and chocolate mouse

Germany-bratwurst with sauerkraut


England-chocolate flapjacks and tea and biscuits

Greece-spanakopita and tzatziki sauce

Israel-charoset balls

Ghana-meat pies

Lebanon-baklava; hummus and pita


Japan-maccha tea

Australia-Anzac biscuits

Ireland-Irish lemon pudding

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