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Cross Lanes Christian School welcomes students from around the world. Students from China, Spain, Kosovo, and Nigeria have studied at CLCS. Staff at CLCS view education primarily as a task of edification. In other words, the school exists to aid students who are committed to the Lord as they develop spiritually and academically; therefore, all applicants of CLCS must meet our admissions requirements.

How do I meet CLCS admissions requirements?

  • At least one of the parents or guardians must be saved and must live a life that shows a commitment to Jesus Christ and must express commitment of support to the school.
  • A student twelve or older must profess to be born again and live a life that demonstrates a commitment to the Lord.
  • A student twelve or older must desire to attend CLCS and abide by the spiritual, academic, and behavioral standards of the school.

What do I need to know about tuition for international students?

  • Tuition must be paid for the full year in advance prior to the beginning of classes in August; however, no discount is offered.
  • Students not attending the entire year will be invoiced for the number of days enrolled.
  • Multiple student rates will be figured with the oldest student figured as the first student.
  • After School Care will be invoiced the following month. Use of After School Care incurs an automatic, one-hour minimum charge of $8.00; after the first hour, use is calculated in 1/2-hour increments.
  • Tuition rate does not include Room and Board .

A host family must be secured prior to issuance of an I-20 form. CLCS does not provide housing for International Students.

How do I apply to Cross Lanes Christian School as an International Student?

  1. Review our admissions requirements and tuition information.
  2. Contact Mr. Eddie Riley, administrator at or call 304-776-5020.
  3. Complete Application for Admission and any other applicable forms (all application materials should be submitted at the same time). (Insert link to Application for Admissions or link to Admissions page so they can see all forms needed)
  4. Send the Application for Admissions and any other applicable forms, and the following documents to Cross Lanes Christian School:
    a. Official transcripts
    b. Birth certificate
    c. Immunization records
    d. Current passport / visa
    5. Complete an I-20

Students must be approved through SEVIS (Student Exchange Visitor Information Services). For additional information on the complete International Student process provided by the U.S Department of Homeland Security, see the chart below. (Life Cycle Chart)

International Student Application Procedure:

International Student Life Cycle