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Graduation Requirements

Because courses are offered on a semester basis, a student must pass the course each semester in order to receive the credit value assigned for that semester. If a student fails a required course, he will have to make up the credit. Seniors will be permitted to march in commencement exercises if they lack only 1 credit for graduation and if arrangements have been made to earn this credit in an approved summer school program. If a student is allowed a fifth year at Cross Lanes Christian School in order to graduate, he or she will likewise be expected to attend for the full day. Exceptions may be considered by the administration. 

Students are required to take Bible, English, Math, History, Science, Choir or Art, and Physical Education/Health. Beginning in the 9th grade, students receive credits toward graduation and must complete the requirements for the graduation programs listed below: 

General Diploma Requirements 

Cross Lanes Christian School is a College Preparatory School. CLCS offers four diploma programs to meet the needs and goals of our students: Honors Diploma, College Preparatory Diploma, General Diploma, and Provisional Diploma. 

Note: Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Anatomy/Physiology are required for COLLEGE PREPARATORY DIPLOMA 

Honors College Prep Diploma: student fulfills the requirements for a College Prep Diploma while maintaining a GPA of 3.75 or higher in 4 years of High School. In addition, the student successfully completes advanced courses in Math (Pre-Calculus and AP Calculus) and Science (Advanced Honors Biology, AP Biology, Honors Chemistry or Honors Physics. 28 Credits

College Prep Diploma: All the required courses for a general diploma and two years of foreign language, Speech, and three elective credits. 28 Credits 

General Diploma: Four years of English, History, and Math; three years of Science; one year of Physical Education, Health, and Fine Arts. 24 credits 

Provisional Diploma: Successful completion of all the requirements for a General Diploma. Student will be graded on an Adjusted Grading Scale.

• An Adjusted Grading Scale (AGS) was created for students with Special Learning Needs (SLN). Special needs are defined as “accommodations to normal requirements due to special students’ needs such as learning difficulties, severe background weaknesses, psychological issues, and etc.” 

All students in grades seven through twelve should follow the course of study recommended to them by their parents and the administration. This, of course, is to insure that each student challenged academically while at Cross Lanes Christian School. Following the recommended courses of study will also reduce problems of meeting graduation requirements during the senior year. 

The school allows limited opportunity to drop or add courses during the first two weeks of the semester. These changes require approval of all teachers concerned, the student’s parents, and the school administration. 

The requirement of four credits for Bible for graduation will be strictly enforced for all students expecting to graduate from Cross Lanes Christian School. Senior High transfer students are only required to have Bible credits for years spent in Christian education Students failing Bible are subject to dismissal from the school or taking a make-up Bible credit course. .