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1973 - In the Beginning...

Cross Lanes Christian School operates as a non-profit ministry of Cross Lanes Bible Church. The school opened its doors on September 4, 1973, with students from kindergarten through grade five in attendance. Approximately seventy (70) students were enrolled. The opening of the school followed an extended period of planning. In fact, an open meeting of the congregation of the church was conducted in February of 1973. The outcome of that meeting was to open a Christian school and the first principal, Mr. James R. Davis, was hired in May of 1973.

The impetus for opening the school and designing the school program was provided by Pastor James Efaw. Pastor Efaw served as pastor of Cross Lanes Bible Church until 1991, at which time he accepted a call to another church in Denver, Colorado.


Dedication of the school took place on February 17, 1974, with Dr. James Biddle of Cedarville College serving as the dedication speaker.

1974 - Sixth Grade added...

Beginning in September of 1974, the sixth grade was added and the population of the school began a steady growth period. A grade was added each year until 1980 when Cross Lanes Christian School graduated its first class of seniors.


Cross Lanes Christian School is located on a forty-two acre campus about one mile from Cross Lanes Bible Church. The first building was completed on the present campus in September of 1975. At the present time, there are five operating buildings — four with classrooms and one gymnasium. The newest classroom building was completed in 1998 and houses an expanded library, a large multi-purpose room, a computer lab, and one classroom.

There are approximately 245 students in K-5 through grade 12. Single sections of each grade are included in the elementary school. Double sections of each grade are included in the middle school and the high school.

Currently, Dr. David Buckley serves as the senior pastor for the ministry.