CLCS Home School Co-op Policy

The purpose of this cooperative initiative is to offer our neighbors who have selected home schooling, an option for participation in a traditional classroom setting, fine arts and sports participation.  It will be a service to the home school community and a bridge for them to CLCS should they come to a point in their education where the family desires a more traditional classroom setting.

The following criteria will be followed in this initiative:

  1. Both parties (CLCS and the Home School Family) must be desirous of this arrangement. The normal application, interview, and entrance testing procedures apply.
  2. The student must be formally accepted into the initiative and granted status as a student at CLCS.
  3. Normal enrollment and application fees must be paid.
  4. Classes must be at the age and grade (academic) level of the participating student. No exceptions or revision of the schedule can be made to accommodate any perceived inconvenience.
  5. Book Fee – if applicable students will need to purchase the textbook for the core course and the additional courses they choose to enroll.
  6. Class attendance is mandatory. Students must be faithful to attend class each week. Students who are absent more than 10% of the possible scheduled classes will not receive credit for the class regardless of the grade.
  7. Should student decide to enroll as a full time student at CLCS class fees will be credited toward full time tuition. Athletic fees will not be credited.
  8. Credit costs are as follows:
    1. ½ credit class – $350.00 (non-refundable) (meets less than 4x weekly)
    2. full credit class – $500.00 (non-refundable) (meets at least 4x weekly)
  9. Fine Arts Fee: $100.00 (non-refundable) Choir, Band, Art, (does not include private lessons fees)


However these additional stipulations must be adhered to if the home school student desires to participate in CLCS’ extra-curricular programs.


  1. Students must be enrolled in school by the beginning of first semester for first semester extracurricular events and by the beginning of second semester for second semester extracurricular events.
  2. Students must be enrolled in at least one core academic class each semester. Core is defined as:  Math, Science, English, Bible (including Chapel), or History.  Class must be a full time (meets a minimum of 4x weekly) class.
  3. Student must also be enrolled in a second class each semester. Enrollment must be at least equal to a total of 2 full time classes per semester.  If a student chooses the second class to be a part time class (class meets less than 4x weekly), then two part time classes must be taken to equal the second full time class.  In this scenario the student would then be enrolled in three classes at CLCS.
  4. Online classes will not count toward the CLCS home school extra-curricular participation requirements. However additional online courses may be taken to meet certain conference requirements.
  5. Athletic Fee: All sports will have the same athletic fee of $300.00 per sport. The fee will be per season and not per year.
  6. Age Requirements: (for athletic competition only)
    1. For varsity teams, a student who has not attained his or her nineteenth birthday prior to August 1 of the current school year of participation is qualified.
    2. For middle school teams, a student who has not attained his or her fifteenth birthday prior to August 1 of the current school year of participation is qualified.
  7. There will need to be evaluations of academic eligibility of home-instructed-courses as well as CLCS-instructed-courses on the same consistent timetable as all full time student-athletes are checked. Home educated students will need to submit proof of grade level status prior to entrance and participation in the school’s extra-curricular activities. Since CLCS athletes are checked for eligibility approximately every three weeks, home schooled students will need to submit to the Athletic Director a progress report of current courses taken at home approximately every 3 weeks. Home schooled student-athletes that are determined ineligible will follow the same procedure to regain eligibility as full time student-athletes.
  8. If a home schooled student is enrolled in a grade that requires a school uniform to be worn, the student will be expected, without exception, to adhere to the current dress code guidelines while in class at CLCS. In addition, students taking PE are expected to purchase regular PE uniforms. The current CLCS dress guidelines will need to be followed.

We welcome participation that fulfills the above criteria for enrollment into the CLCS Home School Initiative.  Students may choose to attend more than one class at CLCS, but a minimum of 2 classes are required to participate in extracurricular activities and events as a student at CLCS.

A student enrolled in more than 4 traditional core classes will be classified as full time and be required to pay full tuition.  We look forward to partnership with area home schoolers as we continue to “Build Lives on a Firm Foundation”.