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Mock Trial With Judge Greear 2024

A group of CLCS high school students had their day in court when Judge Dan Greear welcomed them into his courtroom to participate in a mock trial organized by Mrs. Sylvia. The students were assigned roles in advance to prepare for the day’s proceedings. The scenario began when Mr. Nathan Argento sued his employer, Mr. Carter Campbell, for violating his civil rights by requiring him to work on Sunday.

The plaintiff’s attorneys, Adah Walker and Joshua Carter, represented Mr. Argento, while Margaina Haynes represented the defendant, Mr. Argento’s employer, Mr. Campbell. Following a tough morning of introducing evidence and intense cross examination, members of the jury found that Mr. Argento’s rights were not violated by his employer.

After all the examination and cross examination had been submitted for evidence, Judge Greear met with the participants to compare the events in the mock trial to those in an actual trial. 

Thanks to Judge Greear for presiding over the trial and for making his courtroom available.  Also, thanks to Judge Greear’s team for making this experience possible.