NO SCHOOL for students on MONDAY October 29 2018 due to Parent-Teacher Conferences.  Classes will not be held on this day for all students in Kindergarten through 12th Grade.  In addition, Morning Drop Off and Extended Care will not be available.  School will resume on Tuesday, October 30, 2018, at 8:15am.

IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY SIGNED UP for a conference with your child(s) teacher(s), please login to SYCAMORE EDUCATION website with your login ID and Password to sign up for your conference(s).

TO SIGN UP for conference with teachers:

CLCS parents need to log on to Sycamore Education website to schedule conference times by following Instructions below.

  1. Choose: My School
  2. Choose: P/T Conference
  3. Choose your student from drop-down
  4. Find the teacher in the scheduling table then click on the desired time slot.
  5. All Teachers holding conferences on October 29 / Choose October 29 from drop down
  6. (Mrs. Wright, Mrs Ford: If you wish a conference with these teachers, please email them for scheduling date and time)
  7. Verify you have the teacher/name/time slot on pop-up and click “confirm.”

Once confirmed, the meeting time may only be cancelled by contacting the school office.

Any questions or if you need your Sycamore Login, contact the school office at 304-776-5020 for assistance.

Sign Ups for teacher conferences will be closed at 2:30pm Friday, October 19.

Appointments will not be able to be scheduled on conference day, October 22.