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1. Remove slider and have more photos of students when you first enter the site. I would like to do something like this:
Here is good example of a Christian school site:
Short video backgrounds of students moving, the campus, sports activities (in progress)
2. Offer those same three buttons: Apply, Visit, Request Info. In the main section of the home page instead of somewhat hidden at the top. Wish I lived close by to be able to give those tours. I would tell them stories about CLCS beginnings. 
3. Add testimonials from students and their families about what is has meant for them to go to CLCS. 
4. Add an amazing history page about CLCS that features their growth and their strengths
5. Give Alumni their own web site. That can be done with subdomains such as This can look different from the main site.
6. Give Students their own web site. Same thing: This can look different from the main site.
This would group the current Students and Student Life sections together. The News page would look like an official news page and would also feature student photos, etc. Maybe something like this:
7. Giving should always be a section on nearly every page, not just a dropdown. It can be a pop-up or a small but colorful and eye-catching ad. It takes them to a separate page that describes the different ways of giving AND a video of someone compelling them to give and how their giving helps. Then they choose how they would prefer to give, If you have a volunteer program for CLCS, I would include that under giving as well.
9. Newsletters can also be a consistent ad so that anyone can keep up with he School. This is also good for SEO purposes. I can provide more information as needed.
10. The Calendar may need an upgrade… check out or we could embed a service called Tockify. The calendar items could be entered by faculty or staff or students. Then it would automatically feed the calendar section in a more creative and fun way. See There is a free option but I would recommend the $8/month option.
11. Any time you link outside of the web site, I would make sure it opens a new window. 
12.  I would make sure your biblical worldview was easily accessible on the home page as well as displaying your staff and faculty in a fun way. I think it would be AWESOME of each one of them were able to do a brief introduction video about themselves, what they teach and why they love it.
13. I would consider doing classroom walkthroughs that are staged and edited nicely. This will hopefully encourage visitors to schedule a personal visit.
14. Tell me when I am off point or not in line with what you are looking for in a web site. I do my best to build the site from a designer’s viewpoint but always with the reminder that we have to build it for the site visitor. We won’t people of all ages to visit the site, keep coming back to see new information and to brag about the site to their friends and family. 
15. The memorial web site for those who have passed, could be setup as
16. Create introduction video introductions with camera friendly teachers / instructors to introduce visitors. Explain why they want to teach at CLCS and how they want to effect change in a student’s life. They can be short and sweet and can be taken from a better mobile phone. We are hoping for at least 4K video. These videos can be uploaded to your own Vimeo and/or YouTube account. Vimeo Plus is recommended because it has features to create and edit videos and creates a more user-friendly share option.
17. I 360º walkthrough would be a unique way to provide a unique virtual tour.

More to come, I am sure. 🙂