An update as to where we are with planning for our re-entry into the new school year:

• The COVID-19 task force has been formed.

o Medical professionals: Dr. Ryan Fitzwater, DO (chairman); Dr. Mitri Ghareeb, DDS (co-chair); Dr. Samia Turner (cochair), MD; Dr. Cindy Massey, Neonatologist; Dr. Paul Legg, Orthopedic surgeon; Dr. Matt Walker, Orthopedic spine
surgeon; Mrs. Theresa Argento, cardiac and wound ostomy nurse, Mrs. Anita Jones, oncology/neurology nurse, and
Mrs. Sara Huff, oncology nurse, Mrs. Anji Null, psychologist. Mrs. Vickie Klennert, RN/Health Department
o Education professionals: Mr. Eddie Riley (Administrator), Dr. Dave Buckley (Pastor), Mrs. Crystal Reynolds
(Kindergarten), Mrs. Libby Shamblin (elementary supervisor), Mr. John Koster (middle school supervisor), Mr.
Austin Davis (Dean of Students), Mr. Michael Cumberledge (High School), Mrs. Erin Ballard (public school
principal), Mrs. Milissa Riley (office/clerk), Mr. Jon Duffy, Director of Counseling & Testing DOE. Kanawha County
Schools, Pastor Mark Boyd, CLCS CFO, Cheryl Boyd, Bright Beginnings Pre-school Director.
o Our first meeting was Thursday, June 11, 2020.
 Update on the progress of that meeting:

• Dr. Fitzwater began by sharing his perspective of how to organize and tackle the minutia of CDC,
state and local directives. His approach was to compartmentalize the day in the life of a student
and develop protocol and procedures for each phase.

• Six sub-committees were created each committee comprised of both a medical professional and
educational representative.

o Transportation Committee: arrival, buses, entry screening, dismissal, etc.
 Members: Mr. John Koster, Dr. Cindy Massey, Mrs. Teresa Argento

o Classroom Committee: class arrangement, entry and exit, student movement/class
change, etc.
 Members: Mr. Michael Cumberledge, Mrs. Erin Ballard, Mr. Austin Davis, and
Mrs. Libby Shamblin

o Extra-curricular Activities: PE, recess, sports, field trips, etc.
 Members: Dr. Paul Legg, Mr. Jon Duffy, Mrs. Crystal Reynolds, and Dr. Matt

o Illness/sickness Committee: sick child at school, exposure to COVID-19, tracing of
influence, etc.
 Members: Mrs. Vickie Klennert, Mrs. Sara Huff, Dr. Samia Turner, Mrs. Anita

o Sanitation Committee: Mr. Mark Boyd, Mrs. Milissa Riley, Dr. Mitri Ghareeb, and Mrs.
Cheryl Boyd

o Social/Emotional/Spiritual Impact Committee: Mrs. Anji Null, Mrs. Crystal Reynolds.

• Plans are for the sub-committees to meet this week and prepare for a report to the entire Task
force on Thursday, June 25,2020

• My personal assessment of this Task Force is that it is an awesome representation of our student
body, each member has a vested interest in the school and will seek to do what is the best for the
health and safety of our school families. Be proud of what God has assembled here at CLCS. I’m
also very thankful for these doctors and nurses who have been on the front lines through this
pandemic and are exhausted yet willing to serve our school.

Re-entry Plans for the fall of 2020: First and foremost as we develop plans for re-entry to the next school year, we want you to be assured that CLCS will provide the safest and healthiest facility possible. That is our priority in all decision-making. That preparation has already begun. We appreciate your continued patience, as we make plans for the fall. I want to assure all our CLCS families that our goal is to have students in class five days a week. We are making plans for that to happen. Unlike the public schools who are toying around with the idea of less school days per week and extending the school year through June of 2021, CLCS will begin on its scheduled start date of August 11, 2020. Our day will begin as usual, 8:15 and end at 3:15.

With new entry screening we will have to adjust to that additional task in our morning routine.
There are at least three basic scenarios that we are preparing for:
• #1 School as normal, students will attend 5 days a week with modifications to the classroom environment and student
movement. Naturally we will be prepared to meet and exceed the CDC mandates and expectations for sanitation.
• #2 We will be ready in to utilize a Hybrid Mobile Educational facility. Regardless of possible state recommendations for
partialschool days, we will embellish our classes with more technology than ever before. We have already begun the process
of upgrading the network infrastructure to facilitate more use of the distant learning platform. Installation of fiber optic cable
and classroom cameras will provide the ability for our classes to be live-streamed for students who are at home, either
because parents are not comfortable with traditional school environment yet, or perhaps on snow or sick days, students will
not fall behind.
• #3 If we are mandated to return to the self-quarantine distant learning platform, we will be better prepared with
greater ability to continue with the quality education that CLCS has provided for many years.
Basic information for our reentry preparation.
• Staffing: I am happy to report to you that Mrs. Walker will be returning in the fall as the First Grade teacher. In addition, we
will be adding Mr. Keith McFarland to the staff as Senior Bible and Speech teacher in the fall. Keith and his wife Laura have
six children and are home on furlough from the mission field of Uganda. All six children will be at CLCS this year: Elisha (senior), Noah (sophomore), Isaiah (7th grade), Eliana (6th grade), Malakai (2nd grade) and Selah (K5). I will share more about him in a future update.
• SAT Plans: CLCS was scheduled to host the administration of the SAT in April. That was cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions.
I am happy to announce to the class of 2021, that the Kanawha County Department of Education will issue vouchers for you
to take the SAT for FREE at approved locations in the county. We will have those vouchers in the guidance office before the
start of school.
• 41st Commencement Exercises: Due to the Governor’s mandate our commencement has to be moved outdoors. We are
working hard to make the transition from the gym to the upper parking lot. The school and the Senior class have chosen to
rent a tent to have the graduation under since the forecast is calling for a high percentage of rain on June 23, 2020. We covet
your prayers the minutia of details now have to be converted to an outdoor event.

Continue to talk up the school. Our enrollment is climbing 9 new prospective students this week! I just had an interview with a family with 6 children for the school. Praise the Lord. Be alert for updates in the coming school Newsletter. God bless.

For Christian Education, Mr. Eddie Riley, Administrator