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PHILOSOPHY: It is a great privilege and opportunity to partner with you in Christian Education. Our educational philosophy is distinctively different by God’s design. In an interview with the founder of Critical Pedagogy, Henry Giroux on the meaning of education, in particular regarding claims that education is neutral regardless of its method of delivery, stated, “Those arguing that education should be neutral are really arguing for a version of education in which nobody is accountable.” Education is not neutral because neither the curriculum nor the instructors can be neutral. An instructor cannot check their personalities, perspective, training, and experiences at the classroom door. We are thrilled with the faculty who will directly influence our children from a Christian worldview perspective. With the vacillation of the possible methods of instruction for the coming school year, whether traditional or via the internet, we can have a peace about the Biblical philosophy that will permeate and be paramount in the educational mission of Cross Lanes Christian School.

2020 CLCS School Options: Prayerfully consider the following options for your children for the coming school year at CLCS. Due to the continuing concerns from the pandemic and it’s possible repercussions, it behooves us to create and establish optional educational methods for the upcoming school year. If schools are restricted from in-person instruction then all students will be converted into the virtual platform.

  • OPTION RESTRICTION: The option that you choose needs to be adhered to for a minimum of the next quarter of the school year, unless extenuating circumstances would dictate the necessity of an alternative.
  • TUITION RATE: The tuition rate will be the same regardless of the option.
  • LESSON SCHEDULE: Teachers will be teaching their classes on an established schedule. The plan is for them to instruct for approximately 30 minutes during the planned scheduled class. Hybrid learning and virtual students will be expected to be in attendance during that scheduled time. Teachers will be teaching and conducting their respective classes regardless of the method of reception: in class or virtual. •
  • LIVE-STREAMING INSTRUCTION: The teachers will live-stream the instruction for each of the classes during the scheduled time via Zoom.
  • GOOGLE CLASSROOM: Teachers will utilize the utilities provided through Google Classroom. Google Classroom provides an effective method to communicate with students, post links to videos, and for students to turn in assignments to the teachers. Google Classroom will sync with Sycamore, the school’s management system.
  • ZOOM MEETINGS: Teachers may plan additional Zoom meetings with hybrid and virtual students periodically for contact with remote students. Elementary teachers may utilize Zoom for oral assessments of individual students (i.e. recitation of Bible verse, pronunciation, oral reading, etc.)
  • DOWNLOADING OF INSTRUCTION: Zoom instruction will be recorded and uploaded to the teacher’s YouTube channel for future viewing. The YouTube channel will be restricted only to those who are enrolled in the respective teacher’s class/subject. Links to the class instruction and required classwork will be provided via Google classroom.
  • TESTING CENTER: An on-campus testing center will be established for hybrid and virtual students to schedule to come and complete tests and/or quizzes. Tests and quizzes should be taken within 5 days. The testing center will be proctored by a school approved official to protect the integrity of assessments. The room will be set up for social distancing, regularly sanitized, and limited capacity. We plan to use Sign-up Genius for parents/students to schedule the date and time students will come to be tested. As of now, plans are for the testing center to be located in the auxiliary room next to the computer lab in the 400 building. Students may enter and exit through the end doors near the playground during Test Center times. Times and days for the Test Center are yet to be determined. 2020 CLCS School Option Form (return by Friday, August 21, 2020) Option A: Typical Traditional Classroom Instruction: students will be expected in attendance in the classroom. (Please note: on-campus students and staff will follow modifications and precautions for COVID-19 directives as provided be the CDC, OSHA, and CLCS Task Force. Option B: Hybrid Classroom Instruction: Parents will choose which classes, days, subjects that their children will be taught traditionally in the class and which classes they will view virtually at home through live-streaming, recorded class links and Google Classroom. Those choices must be made based on the school’s master schedule of classes. Parents may list under Option B which subjects/classes will be taken at CLCS or virtually. Tests and quizzes will need to be scheduled at the CLCS Test Center via Sign-up Genius Option C: Virtual Classroom Instruction: students will receive instruction virtually at home through livestreaming, recorded class links and Google Classroom. Tests and quizzes will need to be scheduled at the CLCS Test Center via Sign-up Genie.

Faculty and Staff

CLCS has an experienced, well trained, and caring faculty and staff. Many hold master’s degrees and some hold doctorate degrees. The average tenure of our faculty and staff is 15+ years. The  average student/teacher ratio for elementary is 1:12 and for middle school and high school is 1:15. Faculty are trained and educated in the field in which they teach.

Student Activities

Our focus is education from a Biblical world view, and our goal is to produce a well-developed, well-rounded student with sound Biblical principles to guide them as they contribute to society and in their personal life. Nearly 100% of CLCS students participate in fine arts, athletics, service organizations or a combination of each.


  • Boys and Girls Soccer
  • Girls Volleyball
  • Boys and Girls Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Boys Baseball
  • Girls Softball
  • Coed Track

Activities and Organizations:

  • Fine Arts Competition
  • Choir
  • Homecoming activities
  • Fall Socials
  • Ski School
  • Retreats
  • Leadership Conference
  • Christian Honor Society
  • Speech competition
  • Student Activities Council
  • Yearbook/photography
  • Coat drive/food drive/ community service

Where Do Our Graduates Attend College/University?

Students from CLCS have been accepted to: Air Force Academy, Appalachian Bible College, Asbury College, Bob Jones University, Belmont-Abby, Carnegie-Mellon, Cedarville University, Clearwater Christian College, Clemson, College of Charleston SC, Concord College, Dartmouth, Duke, Florida Institute of Technology, George Mason University, Geneva, Harvard, La Sierra University, Liberty University, Marshall University, Notre Dame, Ohio State, UNC – Chapel Hill, Pensacola Christian College, University of Charleston,  University of North Texas at Dallas, Villanova, Western Carolina University, West Virginia University Institute of Technology, West Virginia University, Wake Forest, WV Wesleyan and many more great institutions.

Dual Credit

CLCS offers dual credit through cooperation with West Virginia State University and other universities. Beginning in the 9th grade year, students may take up to 3 college credit hours per semester. CLCS’ senior English is fully credited through WVSU. By the time a student graduates from high school they have been afforded the opportunity to gain up to 24 college credits.

Academic Assessment

  • 100% of seniors take SAT and/or ACT
  • 100% of juniors take PSAT

Iowa Achievement Test Results

Grades K5 – 12th grade take standardized exams to assess learning. CLCS scores are consistently in the top 90 percentile in all subjects from grades K5 – 12. CLCS classes average 2.4 years above each respective grade level.

ACT Scores - Class of 2019

Class Rank and GPAs

CLCS ranks it’s students based on a weighted GPA. All students follow a college preparatory curriculum. All courses are included in the computation of the GPA. Students must earn 28 credits to graduate from Cross Lanes Christian School. Credits will include the following required elements: Science (4 years), History (4 years), Math (4 years), English (4 years), Foreign Language (2 years); Speech (1 year), Computer (1 year), PE/Health (1 year), Fine Arts (1 year), Electives (2 years), Bible (1 for each year at CLCS).