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Sixth Graders Launch Rockets Constructed in Class

Mr. Koster’s sixth grade class reinforced their study of Newton’s Law by building and launching model rockets they assembled themselves. Due to a few technical difficulties and rocket misfires, this year’s launch was extended to two class periods, but enthusiasm was as high as the sauntering white clouds hanging in crystal skies both afternoons.  

When the spectators were a safe distance behind him, one at a time, Mr. Koster helped the students load an engine into the rocket then place the rocket on the launch pad. He patiently explained to each student how to operate the battery operated launch controller. When the student was confident of the procedure, the group counted down to lift-off. The launch button was pressed, and the rocket was fired so rapidly into the sky that even the students’ young eyes had difficulty following the rocket’s path as it bolted upward leaving only a white, pillowing trail of smoke and some starry-eyed sixth graders searching the skies for the parachuting rocket.