Spectators are limited and masks are seen on the sidelines; soccer looks a little different this year for everyone. But one thing is the same: our WARRIORS are practicing and preparing and are excited for the season to begin! Varsity Girls, Varsity Boys, and Middle School Boys teams began practices and scrimmages last week. Varsity Girls scrimmaged St. Albans High School. Varsity Boys scrimmaged Huntington High and one quarter of a scrimmage against Winfield before lightning sent everyone home early. Go WARRIORS!

2020 FALL SPORTS/Claire Hannah J Bayleigh Karis Erin.jpg     2020 FALL SPORTS/Austin and Mom.jpg     2020 FALL SPORTS/Bayleigh.jpg     2020 FALL SPORTS/Jerry Paul.jpg

2020 FALL SPORTS/Mikinzi Johniece.jpg     2020 FALL SPORTS/MS Boys Soccer.jpg     2020 FALL SPORTS/MS Team Circle.jpg     2020 FALL SPORTS/Jemyi.jpg

2020 FALL SPORTS/Austin Gavin Jackson.jpg     2020 FALL SPORTS/Girls Soccer Practice 2.jpg     2020 FALL SPORTS/Bayleigh, Hannah J.jpg

2020 FALL SPORTS/Girls Soccer Practice.jpg     2020 FALL SPORTS/MS Boys Soccer 3.jpg     2020 FALL SPORTS/HS Boys Pre-Game.jpg

2020 FALL SPORTS/KARIS CHLOE.jpg     2020 FALL SPORTS/MS Boys Soccer 2.jpg     2020 FALL SPORTS/Claire Erin Bayleigh Hannah J.jpg     2020 FALL SPORTS/Paul Austin Jay.jpg

2020 FALL SPORTS/Tyson.jpg     2020 FALL SPORTS/Varisty Boys Soccer 2.jpg     2020 FALL SPORTS/Andrew.jpg     2020 FALL SPORTS/MS Coach Group.jpg

2020 FALL SPORTS/Dylan.jpg     2020 FALL SPORTS/Varsity Boys Soccer.jpg     2020 FALL SPORTS/Gavin Austin.jpg     2020 FALL SPORTS/Erin Karis Claire Hannah J.jpg