Some Fishy News From the Art Department

Something fishy has been going on in the halls of the 400 building and the elementary building!

Sunflower-y fish, banana-ish fish, patriotic fish, fish with braids and fish with tails are a few species of the school of sixty-six paper fish dangling from the ceiling in the hallways of the 400 building. Students in Mrs. Campbell’s high school and middle school art classes constructed their fish from paper and embellished them as they chose. 

Just in time for Dr. Seuss week in elementary, one fish, two fish, red fish, and blue fish arrived to swim along the tops of the lockers in the elementary   building. Kindergarten through fifth grade students each decorated a paper plate “scale” to contribute to the body of four very large fish representing Dr. Seuss’s book One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

 Great job, art students!

Fish for Art/elem.jpg     Fish for Art/four fish.jpg

Fish for Art/HS 3.jpg     Fish for Art/HS.jpg

Fish for Art/IMG_1981.jpg     Fish for Art/HS 2.jpg