Team Name:          CLCS Relentless, Undefeated, Middle School Soccer Warriors
Coaches Name:      Philip Garlow
Assistant Coaches:    Jacob Farley, Jonny Garlow, Stevie Hicks – our team Captains
Team Prayer:        Warriors Prayer written by Shirley Garlow
Season Goal:        To represent God, the school, and our families appropriately while going undefeated.
Game Scores:        Poca:  9-0, 9-0, 9-0
Andrew Jackson:  11-1
John Adams:  5-0, 7-0
Charleston Catholic:  12-0
Horace Mann:  10-0
Point Pleasant:  1-0
Mercer Christian:  11-0, 14-1
Calvary:  11-2, 9-1
Grace:  4-0, 4-0
Teays Valley:  16-0, 19-0, 15-1
Wood County:  4-0, 6-1, 2-1
Statistics:        21 wins – 0 losses – 0 ties.
9 wins vs public schools: John Adams, Charleston Catholic, Horace Mann, Andrew Jackson, Poca, Point Pleasant              12 wins vs Christian schools:  Wood County, Grace, Teays Valley, Mercer Christian, Calvary.
WVCAT Tournament Champions.
14 games with 0 goals allowed.  6 games with 1 goal allowed.  1 game with 2 goals allowed.
188 goals scored by CLCS.  8 goals allowed by our opponents this season.
All 18 rostered players scored this year.  Reserve players averaged 20 minutes of playing time per game.
Leading scorers:  Jordan Garlow, 36 goals / 50 assists for 122 points, Jacob Farley, 44 goals / 11 assists for 99 points, Michael Luechauer, 38 goals / 20 assists for 96 points, Katie Farley and Hayden Bell.
Defensive Champions:  Jonny Garlow, Stevie Hicks, Andrew Nolan, Jalid Brown, Joe Avevedo and Jordan Brown.
Coaches Comments:       “To whom much is given, much is required.”  These are exceptional kids who happen to have the ability to play            soccer at a high level.  Anyone, anytime, anywhere was our motto and it worked out very well this year.  I have            been blessed to lead this group and look forward to another strong year in 2018.


Varsity Softball Team wins WVCAT Championship 2016

Congratulations to Bethany Stepp, 2016 graduate! Bethany has accepted an invitation to join the Concord University softball team for the 2016 fall semester. Bethany was a member of the CLCS 2016 Girls Softball Championship Team.