Student Council


Student Council 2018-2019 News


Our 2019 senior class Student Body Officers.

  • President- Brendan Jeffrey
  • Vice President- Abi Jones
  • Treasurer-  Kiersten Witters
  • Secretary-  Taylor Burns


Hats off to our Student Body Officers and our Student Council for getting started strong this school year!  We are looking for a great year!


Student Council Members for 2018-2019

The Student Council of Cross Lanes Christian School is composed of class officers in grades 7-12 for 2016-2017.  Those students are active in areas of student government and student body. activities.

12th Grade

  • President – Mitchell Rohr
  • Vice-President – Karsen Shannon
  • Secretary – Julie Acevedo
  • Treasurer – Kylee Wilmink

11th Grade

  • President – Sam Nolan
  • Vice-President – Ava Anderson
  • Secretary – Caitlin Quintrell
  • Treasurer – Abby Jordan

10th Grade

  • President – Elisabeth Witzke
  • Vice-President – Tyson Null
  • Secretary – Eden Reynolds
  • Treasurer – Luke Skidmore

9th Grade

  • President – Caroline Lowery
  • Vice-President – McKenzie Quintrelly
  • Secretary – Johnny Garlow
  • Treasurer – Christian Clark

8th Grade

  • President – Andrew Nolan
  • Vice-President – Parker Vance
  • Secretary – Collette Gao
  • Treasurer – Kiersten Edge

7th Grade

  • President –Grace Clark
  • Vice-President –Kali Casto
  • Secretary – Nathan Steele
  • Treasurer – Gavin Duffy


CLCS will be having a campaign season and closed ballot elections at the end of this year for 2019-2020 for Student Body Offices which will include President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Chaplain.   These offices will be held by seniors.  The Class Officers will be selected by nomination and election by their respected classmates following the Student Body elections.