In these unfamiliar, stressful times, social distancing keeps many of our families together working and doing school from the security of home. But some of our CLCS families have loved ones who must leave the safety of home every day to care for and ensure the safety of others. We would like to thank them and continue to remember them in prayer:

Our Father

We ask that you build a hedge of protection around those essential workers, first responders, and medical personnel who are placing themselves in harm’s way to take care of us.

Finally We just want to say we love you. Father, we place our trust in you. We humbly ask for wisdom and guidance for our local, state, and national leaders during these troublesome times.

We’ll be careful to give you all the praise, honor, and glory for what you are doing for us, with us, and through us. For It’s in Jesus precious name that we pray, Amen.

MED THNX Titled/Erin Rhodes, Repiratory Therapist 2.jpg     MED THNX Titled/Kristi Mullins 2.jpg     MED THNX Titled/Teresa Argento, RN 2.jpg     MED THNX Titled/Paul Dietz, MD 2a.jpg     MED THNX Titled/Lt. Keith Witters 2.jpg     MED THNX Titled/Paula Holmes, RN 2.jpg     MED THNX Titled/St. Shane Shamblin 2.jpg     MED THNX Titled/Sarah Huff Nurse 2.jpg     MED THNX Titled/Amanda Brainard 2.jpg     MED THNX Titled/Alayna Thompson 2.jpg      MED THNX Titled/Jeremy Shepler 2.jpg     MED THNX Titled/Daniel and Amanda Brainard, Pharmacists 2.jpg     MED THNX Titled/Crystal Campbell, RN 2.jpg     MED THNX Titled/Sherry Witters, RPh 2.jpg     MED THNX Titled/Matt Walker, MD 2b.jpg     MED THNX Titled/Daniel Brainard 2.jpg     MED THNX Titled/Teresa Argento Uniform 2.jpg     MED THNX Titled/Dr. Ryan Fitzwater 2.jpg     MED THNX Titled/Lisa Cobb, RN 2.jpg