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Transfer Student Athletic Guidelines

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The following will apply to students transferring to CLCS from another middle school or high school during an existing sports season. The student shall have the right to participate in the sports season already underway if the following criteria are met:

  1. The transfer must have occurred after the try-out/team selection process has past. The student cannot decide to play for the team at a later time if he/she was present when tryouts/team selection occurred.
  2. If the administrator believes undue influence is not involved with the transfer.
  3. If the transfer student is currently a member of the sports team in session at the school he/ she transfers from, the student will be offered a tryout opportunity following approval by the athletic director.
  4. If the transfer is not currently a member of the sports team in session, the coach will have the opportunity to accept or deny the request to tryout for the team.
  5. If the coach of the sport already underway is willing to allow the student to tryout, the student must be evaluated by the coach and deemed eligible by the coach through a tryout process prior to being considered part of the team.
  6. The transfer student will have to complete the required CLCS 7 practice rule prior to playing in any games.
  7. All athletic fees must be paid.
  8. Student must maintain academic and behavioral eligibility as determined by the administrator.
  9. Transfer deadlines:

a.  Soccer /Volleyball -September 15
b.  Basketball/Cheer -January 15
c.  Softball/Baseball/Track -April 1
d. The above cut-offs are established by the WVCAT