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Consider Providing some of the following resources for our students:

Middle School Science Wish List

  • A sink in our science classroom with cold water 
  • More electrical outlets for microscope days 
  • Shelving for storing projects and materials for our STEM days 
  • Funds for a classroom pet such as a gecko for Life Science. 
  • Materials such as pulleys and frame for teaching simple machine 
  • Demonstration table on locking wheels (approximately 18″ x 36″ by 42″ high)    
  • Camera attachment for a standard microscope that can connect to a computer or digital projector. 
  • Classroom set of student scissors (24), and drawing compasses 
  • Sharpeners designed for colored pencils for our drawing projects

Elementary Wish List

  • Water bottle filling station
  • Broom and dust pan for each classroom (7 classrooms)
  • Microwave
  • Single cup Keurig
  • Scratch and Sniff stickers and treasure box candy (peanut free)
  • Bluetooth Speaker for car line
  • Laptop designated for our current 3D printer (We can’t use our new printer because we do not have a laptop for it.)

Office Wish List

  • Tile floor to replace carpeting in office areas
  • A new bell/intercom system